About Us

Doctor Collector is a unique and different brand that makes licensed products from your favorite movies and video games.

We are a company formed by true collectors who were never satisfied with what the market had to offer, so we decided to create our own in order to make our dreams come true. As the screenwriter of our favorite trilogy once told us, this is "Geekness beyond Geekness".

In our secret laboratory we have created a new, much more immersive concept, a totally different experience. We want you to enter your favorite world as you have never done before. We want you to revisit your favorite movies, living the complete experience with what we have called "Collector's Boxes".

Since our inception in 2018, Doctor Collector has expanded to virtually every corner of the world, being present in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.

In December 2021 we opened our first logistics center in the United States from where we coordinate and ship all of our domestic shipments.

Doctor Collector's Family