Stranger Things - Hawkins Memories "Vecna's Curse" Limited Edition

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Expected release date is 22nd Dec 2023



Stranger Things “Hawkins Memories” - Vecna’s Curse Limited Edition

Immerse yourself in Stranger Things like you’ve never imagined.

This box contains over 50 unique items and memories collected by the heroes of Hawkins between 1983 and 1986, reminding us all that Strange Things happened there.

This Collector's Box contentains:

· Welcome to hell plate
· Creel’s house stained glass rose secret compartment
· Virginia Creel locket necklace with Creel siblings photos
· Dustin’s diary

1983 Hawkins high school envelope: 

· AV club pamphlet, Benny’s burger coaster
· Dr. Brenner’s pass
· Eleven photo
· “Have you seen me?” poster
· Hawkins town center map
· Mike’s player character sheet
· Science tournament photo
· Steve’s student ID
· Will’s drawing


1984 Hawkins national laboratory envelope:

· Bob & Joyce photo
· Hawkins middle Snow ball ’84 flyer
· Hawkins national laboratory blueprint map
· Hopper’s rules
· Mind flayer Will’s drawing
· Missing cat flyer
· Murray’s visiting card
· Palace arcade button badge
· Zombie boy clipping


1985 Starcourt mall bag:

· Camp Know where postcard
· Fun fair ticket
· Hopper’s letter
· Karen Wheeler’s Hawkins community pool membership card
· Max & Eleven Flash studio photo strip
· Mayor Kline button badge
· Robin’s Scoops ahoy ID badge
· Russian code
· Scoops ahoy menu
· Starcourt mall blueprint map


1986 Surfer boy pizza bag:

· Eleven’s letter to Mike
· Hawkins high school pennant
· Hellfire club wanted poster
· Hop is alive ransom note
· Pennhurst mental hospital visitor sticker
· Rink-o-mania ticket
· Victor Creel newspaper clipping


Hellfire club envelope:

· Corroded coffin flyer
· Corroded coffin guitar pick
· Hellfire club button badge
· Hellfire club players wanted flyer
· Hellfire club sticker
· Lady Applejack player character sheet

Secret Russian envelope:

· Hopper's detention report
· The Key Blueprint Map
· Yuri's Pilot ID card
· Demogorgon Necropsy

* The 'Secret Russian' envelope is exclusively available on our website

Stranger Things:TM/© Netflix.

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Stranger Things - Hawkins Memories "Vecna's Curse" Limited Edition
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